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Buy stalevo 100 Bing: Bing A Chinese businessman was indicted Wednesday on suspicion that he illegally imported tens of thousands horses to the U.S. from China feed American vets battling the plague, health officials said. The indictment charges Zhang Jingsong, who had worked for a Chinese company to supply American vets with medicine for the deadly plague, with "importing and attempting to import into the U.S. over a 1-year period more than 100,000 hinnies," or Chinese racehorses. The horse meat also allegedly included sick and dead dogs, pigs, chickens snakes, health officials said Thursday. Zhang, who allegedly provided the animals to U.S. vets, allegedly received more than $1.2 million in cash and bribes from China's State Food and Drug Administration others to get the horses into U.S. for slaughter and distribution here, according to the indictment unveiled here. Health officials didn't say how the horses Stalevo 120 Pills $130 - $119 Per pill were raised or if they had been exposed to the plague in China, first country to report an outbreak. The quarantine order, effective Thursday, only applies to imports coming through South Carolina. The quarantine order will hold for shipments coming from the Caribbean. Zhang's company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Officials are concerned that the disease, Black Death, could spread to the U.S. from animals imported plague-affected countries. China has the second-largest number of horses exported to the U.S. after Florida, which is already seeing the largest plague outbreak since first nearly 100 years ago, health officials said on is stalevo generic Friday. Last month, two workers caught plague in Florida's Everglades. By July, about 10 people had contracted the disease while handling infected animals, including two workers at Everglades National Park. The outbreak killed at least 21 people and sickened more than 12, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. Florida has seen nine cases of plague so far this year, two more than last according to the Florida Department of Health. Since the outbreak at Everglades, CDC has been sending researchers into the region looking for signs that plague was spreading. So far, they see no signs of the disease. "We're hopeful that the Black Death has not spread to the mainland China," said Dr. Scott Emery, a veterinarian of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in Tampa. Still, the epidemic has given health officials concerns that plague might find its way into the U.S., where infected horses could infect dogs, cats and other pets that have come into contact with infected animals before they were imported for slaughter or sale in pet stores, officials said late Wednesday. Health officials are also concerned it could spread to South Florida's popular tourist beaches. Health officials said Thursday that nearly 3,000 people have traveled to Louisiana and Mississippi check dogs in the region for plague but they have found the disease nowhere, especially from north, which has not had a case in five years. As of Friday, five people remained hospitalised from being exposed to pets and four more have been hospitalized after visiting flea markets, local health departments said. The case rate for humans is 1:200,000, meaning that 100 out of 2,000 people has contracted plague. So far, officials have infected seven people with plague since late June and no other human cases have been reported. "What it tells us is that the plague and threat of is here — it's not just a question of if, it's when," said Dr. John White, an epidemiologist at the state and federal agencies handling the case. The Florida Department of Health reported that the.

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